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===============PianoTeacher Free Download contains all the necessary ingredients to help you get to grips with the piano. This software can not only teach you how to play the instrument but can also be used as a teaching tool for beginners and professionals.PianoTeacher comes as an easy-to-use and affordable software that can be used as a comprehensive tool for both casual and advanced musicians.Using it as a teaching aid, PianoTeacher can be set to sing audio songs, play those songs back, with the option to repeat the lesson. Instructors can also hear the students and use instant feedback to make sure they are on track.PianoTeacher works with a keyboard that is split up into major and minor keys. Every key has its own keyboard file and can be assigned to any of the 12 musical octaves. This flexibility makes PianoTeacher a versatile tool, which means it can be used by musicians who have never touched a real piano.Using PianoTeacher as a teaching tool means you can assign songs to play for specific lessons and combine songs together to form a playlist.Highlights:===========Songs: complete audio files of real songs for you to play on piano.Organized in major and minor keys.Chord tones can be recorded and played back for instant feedback.Chord progressions, arpeggios and note progressions for both major and minor keys.MIDI keyboard that can be set to any musical octave.Music notation with music notation window and piano strings.Equalizer to boost the softness of piano notes.Audio recording with vocals.MIDI songs with MIDI virtual keyboard.PianoTeacher Features:====================Set up with your own song and piano octave.Audio recording with vocals.Piano range: from F0 to F8 (120 notes).10-band EQ (Equalizer) to boost or soften the sound of the notes.Music notation with piano strings.MIDI: keyboard for piano with 11 keys, MIDI, OSC, GM, UT, TC.MIDI-Song: MIDI song with keyboard in the context of other MIDI song.32-bit soundcard support.Sequencer: player pianos, songs and recorded songs.Copy/paste of arpeggios and note progressions.Sorting of songs to play in a certain order.PianoTeacher Chords 08929e5ed8


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